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The story about aircon, salesman and me.

Customer: I am looking for a Sys 3 air con for my HDB flat. Do you have any recommendations?
Salesman: Sys 3 a lot of brands, see which one you want?
Customer: I heard Brand A quite good, my parents last time also used Brand A.
Salesman: So so lah. People buy because the brand famous.U pay for brand only. My techanicans say Brand A, the PCB spoil easily.
Customer: Then Brand B?
Salesman: They everyday advertisement u think no need money one ar!Actually their stuff very cheap after adding all these cost then so ex! Not worth buying. Somemore made in Thailand already, no more Japan made.
Customer: Then which one good?
Salesman: Brand C good.Very fast cold.Quiet also.Somemore Brand C is inventor of remote controller, very reliable. Brand C first in everything. Now having promotion,$1400. U buy Brand A $1900, Brand B $1800. Why pay so much for the same thing?

This is what you will probably encounter when searching for your air con.If you really will to take a while to think over what the salesman said, you would have noticed he is very much trying to sell you Brand C.

Customer: Other shops sell Brand B Sys 3 only $2400! u sell $2550!
Salesman: Which shop?
Customer: The one behind lor, cannot tell u exact name lah, no good, will kanna retribution.
Salesman: They used the rubber insulation from china one, no good one. My one from Italy, very good! Branded somemore! U see for yourself the quality better right. The brand i use got PSB certificate, Class 1 standard, top standard in quality.
Customer: The other shop also use Class 1 leh. They also say they give 16mm water pipe.
Salesman: I also give 16mm somemore i give grade 23 copper pipe. They got give?
Customer: What is grade23?
Salesman: The quality of copper. 23 good one.
Customer: Your workmanship good anot?
Salesman: I show u sample. U see this photo, the corner very nice right? Our installation and materials warranty 5 years better than a lot shops! Other shops only can give 1 year or 2 years caused the materials and workmanship they provide cannot last for 5 years.
Customer: Ok lahz....can cheaper abit? i really interested in buying from you or else i will not have come back?
Salesman: Cannot lah, boss say cannot lah.
Customer: If u cannot reduce i buy from other shop already!
Salesman: Wait i ask first.,,
( 5mins later )
Salesman: Ok! $2500. $50 dollars discount.
Customer: Still abit expensive. Let me consider for a while.
Salesman: Ok! I personally give you $150 dollars of service vouchers. These vouchers can exchange for servicing next time.
Customer: Your company uses your own workers?
Salesman: Yes, we use only own workers. All are trained workers and have BCA certificate.

**Deal is closed. Customer left the shop thinking that he had grab a good deal. Or did he?**

1) What do u think are the chances that an insulation will be imported from Italy into Singapore if the company has a factory in Asia?
U must be crazy to believe so!
2) So what is the difference between Grade 23 copper and Grade 7 copper? Chemical contents right?
For example the alloying elements added to make it stronger and more resistant to chemical.
So how can you know the difference? by looking? These copper will look the same to you.

To make things worse, Grade 23 is not abt chemical contents at all! Grade or Gauge is an industrial term for the thickness of the material, ususally metals.
3) 16mm water pipe? Horizontal or vertical? Invoice got write clearly? or is it even written at all!!!!
16mm is the diameter of the PVC drainage pipe.
4) 2 years installation warranty? So u saw the installation warranty card? read the terms and conditions? and what it does not cover eg. transportation?
Warranty card is the only legal paper between you and the seller after the installation. Thus if the salesman will to mention his company do provide warranty for the installation, request to take a look at the installation warranty card and read the Terms and Conditions carefully.
5) So u saw the photos of good workmanship? So how about all the stuff inside? The copper piping diameter? How the bending will be done? The electrical wire PUB tested? Vaccum process done after installation?
What u see in the photo is what u are going to see in your home!!! Outside good, inside cannot make it.
6) So u thought this is the end? HIDDEN COST!!! Standard piping lenght! One time installation only!

** Back at the air con shop, salesman calling his sub contractor **
Salesman: Wed got Sys 3 u want to do?
Contractor 1: Can. As usual $300.
Salesman: Nope. $250.
Contractor 1: Wahz..cannot like this lahz.
Salesman: U dun wan i can always find another contractor.
Contractor 1: Then i dun wan do. U find another person lor.

Salesman: $250 Sys 3 Wed.
Contractor 2: $250? okie.

** Contrator 2 to his worker **
Contractor 2: Wed installation use the old copper pipes. Then only horizontal 16mm.
Worker: What kind of standard?
Contractor 2: I giving u $100 only. U set the standard.
Worker: Fully understood.

People always thought they are smarter than salesman but you must always remember they are working in this line, they will always know more than you, just like you know more about your work than them.

Salesman: Yesh this brand is Japan one. Other brands all China and Thailand already.
Customer: How to see is from Japan or China?
Salesman: Cannot see from outside, have to open up then can see.
Customer: But other shop say this brand now made in Thailand already, how come you still say made in Japan?
Salesman: Caused the other shop dun sell this brand so they lie to you. They always like to push customer buy Brand B. Somemore they not authorised dealer of this brand.
Customer: So you confirm everything made in Japan right?
Salesman: Yesh.
...a few days later....
Customer: I check with the manufactuer already, they say no longer in Japan...now in Thailand. WHY you tell me still in Japan!!!
Salesman: Oh? Really? My boss tell me still in Japan.
Customer: I dun wan this brand already, refund my deposit.
Salesman: Cannot lah.
Customer: But you lie to me.
Salesman: No leh, I only say Japan brand. I never say Made In Japan.

Customer: May i speak to Mr Salesman?
Salesman: Yes, speaking.
Customer: Your workers bring different materials to install the piping. The copper you say is Grade 23 (0.61mm thickness), just now i check only 0.56mm (Grade 24)
Salesman: Sorry, this one you have to call my head office.

Customer: Is this XXX company?
Head Office: Yes, can i help you?
Customer: Your workers bring different materials to install the piping. The copper you say is Grade 23, but just now i check only Grade 24.
Head Office: Grade 24 correct. All non inverters use Grade 24, nobody will use Grade 23.
Customer: But that time you say you will use Grade 23?
Head Office: Cannot be. We only use Grade 23 for inverters. All the while non inverters are Grade 24.
Customer: Nevermind. The insulation brand you bring is different.
Head Office: We just so happen dun have stock for that brand of insulation so we use another brand. This newer brand is better and more expensive the other one.
Customer: But shouldn't you tell me first?
Head Office: It is written in the terms and conditions that we can subsitute with an equivalent material.
Customer: Okie. Tell your workers to just do the piping. Next Sat then do the equipment.
Head Office: Sorry we only give 1 time installation. Additional time is @ $80.


Here are some of the justifications that some salesman 'like' to use to 'brainwash' consumers to brands they want to sell
1) Model going to change soon so if you buy this model next time very hard to find spare parts.
2) This brand alot of problems, many of my customers already complain and agent keep saying not their fault.
3) This model servicing very difficult, have to dismantle alot parts so very hard to get people to service.
4) This model the vane very easily broken. U take in, take out sooner or later confirm break. Then the spare part very expensive.
5) This brand better then the one you wanted caused this brand invented aircon.
6) This brand made in China already.
7) This model uses R22, very soon cannot use R22 liao. It is better to buy R410A model.
8) This brand no good one lah. It is expensive because they everyday advertise.
9) This model takes longer to cool because the outdoor unit fan spin slower.

Reasons that some salesman 'like' to use to 'convince' you that it is the right choice to buy from them and not their competitor
1) My insulation top grade, CLASS O. Other people use CLASS 1. CLASS O insulation is the best, confirm no sweating.
2) My insulation made in America.
3) Our company uses only our own workers. 100% no sub contractors.
4) We give 6 years installation warranty.
5) You use X brand insulation i can only give u 1 year installation warranty. U use Brand Y insulation, i can give you 5 years installation warranty caused Brand Y insulation better.
6) We installed alot of aircon at your flat already. A lot of your neighbours buy from us already.
7) We give service vouchers.
8) The other retailer having financial problem, going to shift out soon.
9) We use the installation materials all HDB tested.
10) All the accrediations the other company gets is pay money one. My company want to get also can..pay money can get liao.
11) The other company not authorised dealer, equipment dun know get from where.
12) My company is the cheapest.

Excuses that some salesman 'like' to use when you have problems after installation.
1) This one not my problem, u have to call the Head Office.
2) This one is equipment problem, u have to call the Agent.
3) All aircon like this one.
4) Where got people want to install like this.
5) My service team schedule very tight, next week then can come down take a look.
6) This one is aircon dirty, u have to do a servicing. Servicing not included in installation warranty.
7) The sales invoice never write, means dun have lor.

1) Some of the justifications, reasons and excuses may be true. You, as a consumer, have to judge and determine by yourself.
2) Not all salesman are 'dishonest', there are also many good ones around.
3) But i have to admit, at times some consumers are just unreasonable.
4) Lastly, do also remember that the salesman are just doing their job.

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